The 20 Awesomest Ninja Photos

Nobody ever said being a ninja was easy, because if they had some ninja would have killed them on the spot just to prove a point. We’ve got the 20 most ridiculous ninja photos to ever come out of the dojo.

The only time you’ll ever catch a ninja with his pants down

This is my new Christmas card

Hot pirate wench vs female ninja? Yes, please

Occasionally ninjas are forced to move back home

Jeff may have let himself physically go, but his flying dragon kick is still in tact

I would expect something more advanced from a ninja warrior

“Waaaaas Up?”

They fight to the death. But first, duel guitar solos

Nothing interruptsĀ  a good book about plundering like a ninja attack

Somebody just got the most awesome Myspace pic ever!

There’s a reason all the other fruits in the bowl are bruised up

This is how ninjas show their hatred of public transit

Ninja parents have a their own special way disciplining their children

Chicken will be on tonight’s menu

Ninja vs. Robot, the never ending battle wages on

Hey, America, meet the newest odd couple on tv – Ninja/ Zombie Roommates

Someone’s about the have their morning jog ruined

If you want to live, you’ll take them to Chucky Cheese

Ninjas require a full 2.5 hours of sleep a night

Mr. Bananas dominates his dojo with an iron fist

Check out more Ninja Week action here

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