Jason Statham’s Summer BBQ Tips

May is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time to fire up the grill for that Memorial Day cookout. Burgers, beer and good times with friends, it’s important that you do your cookout right to help kickoff the Summer grilling season. May also happens to be the month that The Mechanic comes out on DVD/Blu-ray (May 17th to be exact). That being said, we’ve lined up a few Jason Statham action scenes to go along with these tips to help make your cookout Statham worthy.


Jason Statham is obviously someone who cares about his diet, and protein is a big part of that diet. You can bet that a Statham cookout is going have a pretty good selection of flavorful chops ready to be grilled up. Hell, the guy probably killed and cleaned the cow himself just to impress his party guests.

Turn Up The Heat

Now that you’ve got your meat lined up and ready to be smoked, grilled or broiled all that’s left to do is decide what source of heat you want to use. Propane, charcoal or wood are really the choices when it comes to grilling. Sure, you could ignite a massive explosion Statham style, but wouldn’t it just be easier to throw those steaks on the grill?

Pool Party

Why should you try to center your cookout around a pool if at all possible? Easy – girls in bikinis. It’s that simple. Mr. Statham used to be a champion diver, so you can bet your bottom dollar the guy knows a thing or two about impressing the women at the pool. While you may not be able to pull off a perfect swan dive, you can now show off that cannon ball you perfected last summer. Just remember to wait an hour after eating before jumping in the deep end.

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