Anderson Cooper Has Bigger Balls Than Tom Cruise Does

Anderson Cooper clearly has bigger balls than Tom Cruise does.
Mere days after called on Tom Cruise to be a man and come out of the closet, Anderson Cooper has beaten him to the punch.
“The fact is, I’m gay,” he writes in a letter to Andrew Sullivan, made public today.
The timing is curious——a major celebrity gay reveal nipping on the heels of the latest debacle for the world’s biggest thought-to-be-in-the-closet superstar.

The Twitterverse rabidly riffed on the news:

As with Tom, everyone already suspected/knew that Cooper was gay. Kathy Griffin prophetically joked about Cooper’s sexuality in her standup act:

There was a definite hint-hint at the end of this interview with Erica Hill:

And then there was that time in the leather store …

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