Is Sheen’s $1 Million for Troops the Start of a Charity Bender?

No sooner does he dump 8 million Twitter followers than Charlie Sheen is pledging one million bucks for U.S. Troops, reports TMZ.

That would buy a lot of blow, Charlie. Are you sure?

Is this what he meant by his “epic” next step?

See, Charlie may be a womanizer, addict and egomaniac. But you always thought he was a good guy, right? Seriously, how can you say anything bad about this gesture? A record one-million-dollar donation for the U.S.O.

Well, you could say Charlie likes attention, craves approval and love, makes manic decisions as a rule — which would include large impulsive money decisions … but hey, let’s just be supportive of this one. Some men and women who deserve all that cash a lot more than the Warlock does will get a little boost.

And assuming he’s on the cusp of some kind of spree here — where should Charlie donate his next million? There are countless causes, Charlie, and even you can’t spend all that money before you die (which could be any minute; you look like you’re 89, dude).

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