Charlie Sheen Off Twitter—Next Epic Step: Pinterest #Pinning!

Charlie Sheen is off Twitter. For someone who lured a million-plus followers in less than 48 hours last year, he sure knows how to ditch a party.

But Charlie promises his next endeavor is going to be “epic.” Some speculate he’s headed to be a judge on American Idol, but what would be more epic than … Pinterest!?

That’s right. Leaving Twitter in the dust, Sheen will invade the landscape once dominated by bored housewives. He’ll post his favorite places to get high, stimulant drugs of choice, favorite sexual positions, closeup photos of boobs and genitalia, and odd statements to live by. He’ll scrap the crap our of that book and he’ll be “Pinning!”

Perhaps an additional epic move could be filling one of the two vacant seats on American Idol left by Stephen Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. He perfectly replaces the void left by Tyler’s elderly face and frail body, and the man has a way with words. Can’t you just see him in the judge’s chair, with that husky voice, offering quips, staying high, and having coked-out sex with rejected contestants?

However “epic” is supposed to be construed, Charlie’s thoughtless ditching of his 7 million followers is a damn odd way to try to remain relevant.

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