Sage Stallone’s Death Room: White Powder Baggies Found & 60 Gigantic Pill Bottles

Baggies of white powder were found in the room where Sylvester Stallone’s son died, reports TMZ.

A cop source said there were “several little baggies” in the bedroom of Sage Moonblood Stallone, who was found dead last week at age 36.

Previous reports of prescription pills have been updated with shocking detail by an anonymous source: “More than 60 gigantic bottles” of hydrocodone. 60 bottles!

Sylvester has pleaded with the press to back off of speculation about Sage’s apparent overdose, apparently grasping for another explanation. He even hired a private investigator. His PI, Scott Ross, is a Hollywood veteran who worked on the Rihanna-punched-by-Chris-Brown case and the Michael Jackson molestation scandal.

Sage’s mom, Sasha Czack, wants to believe all those pills were meds for Sage’s dental surgery — he had five teeth pulled recently. But unless he had his whole mouth removed, “60 gigantic bottles” is evidence of a bigger problem.

Meanwhile, the white powder could be crushed pills or cocaine. If cocaine, it suggests a deadly combination of cocaine and opiates — one similar to the cocktail that killed comedian Chris Farley.

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