‘This Is Your Captain Freaking’ Clayton Frederick Osbon Only Guilty of Inspiring Great Headlines

The pilot whose infamous breakdown inspired one of the best tabloid headlines of the year (in more than one paper) has been found not guilty by reason of insanity, CNN reports.

The Post and The Daily were both inspired to write the same headline.

At the time of the incident in March, TV news showed cellphone-camera footage of Clayton Frederick Osbon’s freakout, in which he ranted about al-Qaida and a bomb and said “We’re gonna get doomed”:

He wildly roamed the aircraft with flight attendants in pursuit, and passengers eventually tackled him. According to the official criminal complaint, he also threw in a “Pray f***ing now for Jesus Christ”:

The judge’s ruling that Osbon is insane is not surprising given the descriptions of his meltdown, but ironically, his still-active Linkedin page lists him as director of a company in the “Health, Wellness and Fitness industry”:

Pilot mental illness is no laughing matter, especially if you’re on the plane, but we’d be remiss not to lighten the mood with a scene from the classic movie Airplane.

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