Toronto Raptors Stab New York Knicks’ Dreams of Steve Nash in the Heart

The Toronto Raptors just killed the New York Knicks’ dream of landing Steve Nash in free agency like freakin’ Freddy Kreuger. It’s all really technical, but they offered Landry Fields entirely too much money and now they’re basically the only ones in the Nash sweepstakes. Spike Lee is gonna be piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissed.

Spike Lee says no

Toronto and New York were the front runners to get Steve Nash in free agency. Toronto had all the money, but New York had the pizzazz. However, the only way for the Knicks to afford Nash was through a sign and trade. They’d also have to sign and trade their own Landry Fields.

Here’s where Bryan Colangelo, GM of the Toronto Raptors, begins cackling evilly as if he were revealing that his semi-completed Death Star was actually fully operational. He offered Landry Fields an absurd $20 million.

As someone who has seen most of Landry Fields’ work in the NBA, trust me when I say $20 million is an awful lot to pay a guy to hit the front of the rim a lot. $20 million is also an awful lot to throw at a player, solely to maneuver to get another player, who you’re also offering an absurd amount of money to and just happens to be 39-years-old.

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