Triplets Born 4 Years Apart in Medical WTF Miracle

Andrew is a newborn. AnnaSophia is 2. Julianna is 4.

They’re triplets. WTF? Science, man. Science.

The three children of North Texas couple Chris and Joyce Mallon got their start five years ago when a handful eggs and a full load of sperm met up in a petri dish, reports kxan. Three embryos emerged from the soup, and Julianna got the first crack at mom’s womb. The others chilled out in a freezer and were later implanted, one at a time, with a couple months of rest in-between for mom’s uterus.

So that’s just a little weird. But things could get much weirder. With frozen embryos lasting longer and longer, what’s to say siblings won’t be implanted 80 years apart — with a surrogate mom. You’ll be bouncing your little brother on your knee while you play checkers at the nursing home.

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