The Kate Upton Effect: Fashion Mags Now Airbrush Fat ONTO Models

Poor fashion models. They’ve been starving and purging since childhood to maintain boyish runway-ready skeletons, and now touch-up artists are painting fat back onto their bones because scrawny isn’t selling right now, Fox reports:

“I have to airbrush clients’ to make them appear bigger and more womanly before I submit photographs,” one leading talent manager told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “Skinny doesn’t sell.”

Blame Kate Upton, who came along and single-handedly, double-breastedly altered the acceptable image of a hot girl back to something closer to what nature intended.

So now we get to enjoy CGI boobs and butts painted onto the skeletons of women who never developed their own. Paint on one boob, then give it a happy little friend.

The lesson here is to stick to a strict diet of Kate Upton. She’s the only genuine thing in this screwed-up world.

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