The 20 Awesomest Beer Labels

beer cover

It’s been a long day at work and all you want is a cold beer to help you quiet the world’s chaos. Why not skip the Bud and go for a Great Blumpkin? While the corporate breweries are stuck in their mass market, take no risks, have no fun ways, the microbreweries out there still have a sense of humor when it comes to beer. From the undead to Weird Al and pin-up chicks, these 20 beers are all about breaking the mold. We can’t say how they fare taste-wise, but they definitely don’t play it safe in the label department. Poor yourself a cold one, and get your buzz on with the 20 Awesomest Beer Labels.

Boneshaker IPA

Darkness Stout

Flying Dog’s Gonzo Porter
gonzo beer

Fireside Chat Winter Ale
fireside chat beer

Cannabis Beer

Stigtuna Ace of Spades
stigtuna ace of spades

Perle Pin-up Beer
perle beer

Polygamy Porter
polygamy porter

Shark Pants Beer
shark pants beer

Smuttynose Homunculus Ale
smuttynose homunculus

The Great Blumpkin Beer
the great blumpkin ale

Rusty Puckett’s Weird Al Beer
weird al beer

Cockeyed Cooper Barley Wine Ale
cockeyed cooper

Zombie Dust Beer
Zombie Dust

Broken Bones Brew
bronken bones brewery

Cerveceria Sagradal Luchero Cerveza
cerveceria sagrada

My Wife’s Bitter Ale
My Wife's Bitter

Legacy’s Hoptimus Prime IPA
hoptimus prime

New Castle’s Werewolf Ale

Catawba Valley Brewery’s White Zombie Ale
white zombie ale

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