OMG VIDEO: Watch as Deer Takes Out Skateboard Racer

A deer took out a skateboarder who was flying down a Colorado mountain highway at about 65 miles per hour, adding new meaning to the race’s name: “Downhill Bloodspill.”

The race is named that because of the high-speed crashes that happen, but usually the crashes involve other racers, not a deer. The skateboarder, indentified by online posts as Ryan Vitale of Salt Lake City, wasn’t badly injured, but race officials said they don’t know if the deer lived. The animal tried to run through a gap in the skateboarders but instead hit Ryan headfirst.

The “Bloodspill” is the only legal skateboarding road race in Colorado — and weirdly enough, last year, it was the scene of a helicopter crash, when the chopper, filming the race from above, crashed on a mountainside. The pilot and crew weren’t injured.

Downhill skateboard racing is described by enthusiasts as combining the balance of snowboarding with passing others like a race car driver.

Guess they didn’t teach these guys anything about watching out for roadkill on the hoof.

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