How About Some Whiskey with Those Pancakes?

When Vince Vaughn declared his love for maple syrup in Wedding Crashers, ” love maple syrup. I love maple syrup on pancakes. I love it on pizza. And I take maplesyrup and put a little bit in my hair when I’ve had a rough week”, he left out one thing – maple syrup in whiskey.

A maple syrup based whiskey, could such a thing of greatness exists? Indeed it does, my friends, and it’s just the thing to kick-start your morning this winter. Tap 357 Canadian Maple Rye Whisky ($30) features a rich hint of Canadian maple from trees tapped in the beginning of spring, as well as the natural oak flavors that blend together in a 3-5-, and 7-year-old rye whiskey.

We tried it with a bit of orange peel around the office and found the taste to be deliciously sweet, but not overwhelming. No word yet on how it pairs with pancakes, but it’s an experiment we’re eager to try.

tap 357 whiskey

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