Crown Royal XR Whiskey is Not to be Missed

crown royal xl whiskey

An enormously popular whiskey brand both in the US and in Europe, Crown Royal has a reputation for being pleasant and, easy-going, with an air of refinement and versatility. Typically known as a college drink to mix with a Coke or other improvised mixer, Crown Royal can also be enjoyed as a sipping man’s whiskey, and the XR (Extra Rare) branding seeks to make the case that Crown Royal can be enjoyed in that way as well.

Crown Royal XR was kind enough to send two bottles to the Heavy Office, and although we enjoyed it in the former matter, it definitely has a pleasant blend of sweet toffee, caramel and cinnamon that could have any Whiskey connoisseur sipping for hours on end.

With a $129 per bottle price tag, the Crown Royal Whiskey does not come cheap, but if you’re in to Whiskey enthusiasm, it’s definitely worth a bottle or two.

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