The 5 Hottest Videos of Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook is one of a kind! As a British model, she has taken the US by storm – posing for pretty much all lad mags in one shape or form: FHM, Maxim, Playboy, Nuts, Loaded, GQ…Am I missing any? Well, let’s get to the point and play 5 of her sexiest videos. Take a deep breath…

1. FHM Photoshoot (2010)

To commemorate her first FHM shoot in 5 years (since 2005), she did another one by strutting on a beach in South Africa. Nothing better to compliment the views of South Africa than the views of Kelly Brook!

2. Nuts Photoshoot (2012)

Not too sure what’s really going on in this shoot – other than Kelly lathering herself in bills, blowing bubbles and sipping alcohol. Apparently, that’s all we really need to know…

Kelly Brook Goes for a Nude Swim in New Issue of Turkish GQ

Turkish GQ makes good use of a pool when Kelly Brook is around in this new photo shoot.

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3. Photoshoot (2010)

We can see Kelly adjusts herself quite frequently throughout the shoot. Is there a wardrobe malfunction? Take a look for yourself (we know you will).

4. Calendar Photoshoot (2012/2013)

It’s your lucky day! You get 12 months worth of sexiness, all in one video…

5. Keith Lemon The Film (2012)

Ogle along with the lead (who assumingly is Keith), while Kelly strolls in and works her magic. Yes, light shines like that on angels…

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