Ava Sabrina London Photos: Hank Baskett’s Alleged Transsexual Mistress

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  1. you r a guy and you took advantage of a guy. your disgusting. and gross . people like you make me want to spit

  2. ava London r u proud of yourself. 10 minutes of fame that’s all your not even worth. your sick to sell your story on to the next one. you will never have a family so destroy one hope you can live what u did. you knew you were playing hank but at the end you still lose

    1. It was Hanks nasty decision, he knew what he was getting into. As far as Kendra, she herself came from and promoted a strange lifestyle. ..its called KARMA.

  3. p.s. your still ugly , and you look like a rough looking boy. cant change the face but keep trying