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The 16 Awesomest Christmas Trees From Around the World

Is your Christmas tree a 50 foot high version of the ’80s classic Pac-Man? No? Then sit back down. The best Christmas trees from around the world stand hundreds of feet high and use everything from bicycles to lobster traps to draw in their spectators.



Arizona’s tumbleweed Christmas tree.

pac-man tree

Madrid’s Pac-Man Christmas tree.

tesla coil tree

Peter Terren of Australia created this impressive Tesla coil tree at 500,000 volts of holiday power.


The tallest artificial tree in the world resides in Mexico City and towers 110 meters above the city streets.

space tree

The outer space tree.

recycle byclcle tree

Sydney’s 23 foot high tree is made of recycled bicycles. It doesn’t get more eco-friendly than this.

lobster trap tree

Maine’s lobster trap tree.

london's lego tree

The LEGO tree of London.

godzilla christmas tree

Run for your lives! It’s the Godzilla tree of Tokyo.

georgia fountain tree

This fountain Christmas tree lights up the city square in Georgia.

Rio's floating tree

Rio de Janeiro’s floating Christmas tree stands 85 meters high with nearly 3 million bulbs.

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fiber optic tree

Beautiful fiber optic Christmas illuminates the night.

britains tallest tree 27.5 meters

Britain’s tallest Christmas tree stands at 27.5 meters.

biggest tree

The Mount Ingino tree of Italy has been dubbed the world’s largest Christmas tree, taking up an entire mountain side.

bejing beer bottle tree

Bejing bottle tree (with some really creepy dude lurking in the window).

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