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Huge Wasp Nest With Over ONE MILLION Yellow Jackets Found in Florida [VIDEO]

A terrifying and humongous wasp nest containing more than one million yellow jackets was found in Florida, reports the Daily Mail.

Entomologist and bee removal expert Jonathon Simkins was recently notified of the nest, found on a privately-owned hunting ground near Tampa. The nest was six and a half feet tall and eight feet wide, making it 1,000 times bigger than the typical hive.

“I have never seen a nest this large in my entire life,’ Simkins said. “This is the prehistoric nest from the dinosaur ages.”

Simkins said that a typical nest contains anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 wasps. This monster nest contained more than a million insects, including thousands of queens.

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The bee removal expert videotaped himself confronting the nest in protective gear and was bombarded by the frightening buzz of the wasps. He was successfully able to quell the terrifying fortress.

“I have to be honest with you, I was terrified at one point,” he told WFLA. “There were several times that I had to pull out and get a breather. My heart rate was racing, I had hundreds of them on my veil.”

Even though the nest was in a remote area, Simkins said it could have one day been deadly.

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