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Great White Shark; Slow Motion Death Machine

A word of warning, if you have a beach trip planned for later this summer, don’t watch this video. Seriously, go watch a goofy prank video or click through a 20 Hottest gallery, because these razor toothed beasts are just going to keep you on the shore building sandcastles.

Marine biologists took to the Great White’s feeding waters with a couple of seal decoys and a Phantom camera to capture some unbelievable slow motion footage of the sharks in action. It’s all part of the Discovery Channel’s Air Jaws Apocalypse, premiering during “Shark Week” on August 12th.

Considering that this summer has been especially noteworthy with shark attacks on the rise throughout Australia, the footage is a powerful reminder of why Great Whites are the top predators of the sea.

Shark Photo Gallery Cover

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