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WATCH: ‘People Are Awesome 2013′ — the Best Stunt Video Ever Made (by a Dance-Punk Band)

Looks like the guys of Hadouken! are back with their latest installment of the “People are Awesome” series.

So who exactly is Hadouken! and what makes them the authority on who/what is awesome?

Hadouken! is a London based “grindie, new rave, dance-punk band” known for high-energy songs and INSANE music videos.

Last year the band released their first iteration of the “People are Awesome” series. The video went viral (54-plus-million views to date) and Hadouken! joined the ranks of the Internet’s royalty, right next to Grumpy Cat.

Trust us when we say that their 2013 entry into PAA does not fail to deliver some awesome people. The replay value on this video is higher than the national debt and some of these stunts will leave your mouth hanging lower than Lance Armstrong’s morals.

So get your “OH SNAP! DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?!?!” shoes on because you are about to go on a long walk to awesome-ville.

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