Girls Video

Top Girls Videos of the Week: Alana Blanchard, Paola Garcia & Skater Babes

Kauai’s Na Pali coastline is one of the most beautiful, remote places on the island. It’s almost as beautiful as the beach toned bodies of Alana Blanchard and Leila Hurst.

What’s this got to do with skateboarding? Nothing. The innovative calendar preview’s got ladies shooting guns, riding motorcycles and sticking sparklers in their butt-cracks. Classy.

We ran a 20 Hottest of Paola Garcia a couple weeks ago and it got such a good response that we just had to dig up some video footage of the fiery latina.

During a TR3 performance photo shoot Elaina Christina and Stephanie Bernota went for a spin in a 700hp E85 powered Nissan GTR. If only all test drives involved girls in bikinis #perfectWorld.

The latest video from Kaloopy Media. The girl certainly knows how to work the camera.

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