The Sexiest Flight Ever

Jetpack Stripper

Every man has a small selection of amazingly awesome things he would like to see. For some, it may be T-Rexs flying F-16s. For others it may be an army of little people Vikings marauding through Times Square, flipping over cars and swarming up buildings to trash all the ads. Me, I always dreamed that the Boston subway shut down at 12:30 at night because of the infestation of Zombies in the tunnels that came out right then. I envisioned grizzled T conductors from Southie (for those not familiar, think Matt Damon and crew from Good Will Hunting) cocking shotguns and frantically screaming “GO GO GO GO” as T train tore through the tunnels at break neck speed pursued by a zombie horde.

Today, everything changed. Today, I found a dream and I had it fulfilled, all in one go. The dream? Strippers with jetpacks. The reality? Happened in New Zealand. While yes, they were fully clothed and only hovering 4 feet above the floor, the day will come when strippers in boots and bottoms and nothing else zip through the air above our heads. I, for one, cannot wait for that wonderous day to come.

Check out the video of the dawning of this miraculous new age here.

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