The 20 Hottest Vampires

The 20 Hottest Vampires

It’s Twilight week, with Eclipse hitting theaters this Wednesday. But, let’s be honest, the vampires of the uber-popular series aren’t terribly sexy to the majority of Heavy readers, because we are dudes. While the girls of the world are going goo-goo over Edward Cullen, here’s twenty hot creatures of the night that took the female form, much to our delight.

Selene Sexy Vampire

From the Underworld series, we open up with Selene, played by the delectable Kate Beckinsale. As a member of the “Death Dealers,” this sultry vampire is on the frontlines of the war against a group of werewolves known as Lycans. Let’s face it: we’re never going to do 20 Hottest Werewolves.

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