The 20 Hottest Comic Book Babes

The 20 Hottest Comic Book Babes

Okay, real quick: we’re not nerds. We don’t have anime bodypillows and we don’t think we’re going to marry She-Hulk. I know that comic books aren’t real. But that doesn’t mean that the women of comics can’t be insanely hot. To celebrate the San Diego Comic-Con, here’s a dive into four-color fantasy with the twenty most bodacious babes to ever grace the printed page.

The Black Cat

Felicia Hardy, a.k.a. the Black Cat, is a high-living cat burglar who sometimes slips into the sack with Spider-Man for a quickie – but, as a recent comic divulged, he doesn’t let her look at his face. That’s a little kinky!

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1 comment

  1. Decent list but still– where is Tarot Witch of the Black Rose? Probably the hottest comic babe ever? (And I say that as a modest fan personally at best– just being honest here!) No list of hot comic book babes can be taken seriously without mentioning Tarot somewhere.