The 20 Hottest Photos Of Rosario Dawson

Rosario always did quite well in school and for some reason was always being asked by her fellow classmates to be their study partner.

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  1. Joel Stice !! Have you ever 3 Snowflakes in a Furnace !!? > If you find a Teedra Moses CD, A Joni Sledge Solo Album CD, or a Googoosh CD, then these are as good as Snowflakes in Furnaces any day of the Week !! Great Stars who are Simultaneously Ignored by the Record Industry !! What a Comedown !! The Boss of HMV UK Ian Topping should stick to being the CEO of English Custard Company > Birds Dream Topping !! Lap that yellow stuff up because it’s as rare as an English Politician telling the truth too !! > Rosario Dawson Rocks Man !! She can click her Spanish Maraccas for me anytime !!
    Thomas Hartley,
    From the Land of the Limeys !!