The 20 Hottest Mexican Women

The 20 Hottest Mexican Women

Happy Mexican Independence Day! And I bet you can guess how we’re going to celebrate it. Yes, we believe that the greatest gift that one can give is the gift of hotness, and so here we bring you a gallery of the 20 finest honeys to hail from Mexico. Now if you’ll excuse us, I’m about to become independent from my pants.

Sugey Abrego

Let’s lead off with the gorgeous Sugey Abrego, one of Mexico’s many gorgeous weathergirls. Yes, while we’re stuck with Al Roker, our brothers south of the border get to watch hotties like this rock the Doppler.

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  1. It’s amazing! Every time I am fortunate enough to be able to view pictures of a few different Latina woman, they are ALL extremely beautiful, classy, and sexier than any group of American women I’ve ever seen! These ladies are gorgeous!