The 20 Hottest Photos of Madalina Ghenea

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1 comment

  1. Madalina Diana Ghenea is the most beautifullRomanian Women I ever seen. I am a product commercial writter, and TV movie scripts. I,ll make her a gift. Comercial for a NO Brand Women Cosmetics. Women age over .40. A student (Magdalena Ghenea) with a student back bag stops in front od the cosmetics store. (She has to chose the cosmetics company). On the door of that store is a list of many products : lip stick, face creme, soup etc with prices. The camera shpws the list with product pictures. and prices. Promation : all of them for a # month treatment will make the women younger 20 years. Let say that costs 120Dollars. She enter the store and tells the salesman a very good looking man that she wants to buy 90 days treatment for her grandma. Please confirm me the window price. The salesman does just like that. She hesitate and tell the salesman that she does not want conflicts in the house between her mother (37) and her grandma (58). I love very much my father and I do not want to put him in a difficult situation. The house belong to my grandma. The salesmann replays very calm that he understand the situation nand if her father needs advice he can stop by at any time and ask for George. End of the Commercial. Author Vladimir Moldovanu. I am in Sweden. I have 3-4 other commercials for her. and a rolle in a 20-30 TV movie episones. Please google Vladimir Moldovanu PE. Capitan Molinari story. I am in hidding in Sweden.