Top Girls Videos of the Week: Kate Beckinsale and Rita Ora

The video above further supports such a claim as Kate Beckinsale makes even bestiality with a whale sound appealing. Okay, it’s still not appealing but it is hilarious. If the word “blowhole” ever stops getting a laugh out of me, I will call this life thing quits and just off myself.

Michelle Jenneke has a strange and flirty pre-race routine that, when paired with cheesy ’80s music, strokes a pleasure zone in my brain that I never knew I had.

British singer Rita Ora gets playful and sexy for the cover shoot of the August / September issue of Complex magazine.

Kaloopy Media is back with another random girl shakin’ her money maker in this stop motion video. Yep, stop motion was made for projects like this.

Jenna Renne heads to Cabo for her calendar shoot. A hot girl, a hot beach, that’s really all you need to know.

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