Emily VanCamp Goes for Revenge in Sexy GQ Photo Shoot

So the folks over at GQ snagged Canadian hottie Emily VanCamp for a few photos and some talk about her new ABC show Revenge. It’s a pretty badass show with some serious fight scenes. Basically, she’s like the female version of Jason Bourne, but looks way better in a two-piece than Matt Damon.

emily vancamp

Emily VanCamp on being a tomboy: “Definitely. I did ballet, which taught me how to be poised and graceful, but still, to this day I’d rather by fishing than going to some glamorous party. It’s so therapeutic.”

…on if she is a good liar: “I think anyone who says they don’t tell little white lies at all is a liar. We all have that occasional event or engagement that we don’t really want to go to. I don’t think I’m a good liar at all, though. The people who know me best will tell you that. I think you’ll see a little more honesty out of mycharacter on Revenge this season.”

…on having a love for zombie movies: “I have a really weird thing for zombie movies. An ex-boyfriend actually got me into them because I would always watch 28 Days Later. We went through a three-month binge where I saw, I think, every zombie movie ever made.”

…on getting her hands dirty: “Yeah, I always feel like I’m playing a character when I’m in a beautiful dress, with my hair coiffed. I like getting down and dirty. It’s really fun. There’s nothing better than setting an asshole’s house on fire.It’s those moments when I think ‘I love my job!'”

emily vancamp

Check out Emily’s full GQ article here.

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