Top 5 Curvy Models You Should Know About

With the onset of Israel joining the fold in banning underweight models, we here at Heavy thought it might be time to join in the celebration of all things curvy and sexy with a top 5 of our favorite curvaceous vixens.

5. Robyn Lawley
Photo Credit: Stephen Chee

An Australia-native, Robyn Lawley is best known for being the first plus-size model to be in a Ralph Lauren campaign. On top of that, she is also the first plus-size model to appear in Australia Vogue in over fifty years. And while I’ve never set foot in Australia, I wouldn’t mind Robyn being the first to show me around Down Under. All joking aside, be on the lookout for her latest endeavor – modeling lingerie for luxury brands. I know I will.

4. Lucy Pinder
Lucy Pinder Location Shoot 10187
Photo Credit: Frank White

All the way from jolly ol’ England, Lucy is one of those “discovered” stories after being spotted sunbathing on a beach by a photographer. Soon after she was signed to a top modeling agency and was appearing in the likes of Maxim, Nuts, advertisements for PlayStation…and my desktop wallpaper. Her and her curves also graced us on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK in 2009.

The 20 Hottest Photos of Lucy Pinder

The British make two things well: drop dead gorgeous bombshells with bodies that redefine "voluptuous," and tea. This post isn't about tea.

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3. Crystal Renn
Photo Credit: Norman Jean Roy

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Crystal Renn is our American Southern Belle. Discovered in Mississippi at the age of 14, she’s had a long career and has been on and off with “the curves.” Recently she has been “on” with them, joining the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition canon in 2012. And she’s not just a pretty face – her annual income is in the six figure range. Sugar mama?

2. Briana Harrington
Photo Credit: Bradford Willcox

A newcomer to the model scene, Briana was only discovered last summer. Soon after she became the lucky winner to become the face (and body) of the Kardashian sisters’ new plus-size collection “Kardashian Kurves.” Representing the brand name perfectly with a gorgeous smiling and glowing skin, if it’s promoted like any other Kardashian project in the past, expect to see this sexy lady everywhere.

1. Kate Upton
Photo Credit: Terry Richardson

Good news! The girl next door fantasy that appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated 2013 is single as of yesterday – or so she claims. Regardless, you don’t need to be an MLB star to ogle over this beauty – you just need the internet. Hailing from Michigan but raised in Florida, Kate’s career has exploded in the past year. Featured on the Maxim’s HOT 100 in 2012 and placing third in AskMen’s Top 99 Women for 2013 (only behind Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis), she’s definitely one to watch. And she’s only twenty.

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Kate Upton was named SI Swimsuit Issue's "Rookie of the Year" and that's really all you need to know about her.

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