The 20 Hottest Brazilian Girls

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  1. A lot of those chicks ain’t even real Brazilians like Giselle she is German. Don’t matter if your born in Brazil that does not make you Brazilian, Brazilian women are brown not white. Showing white chicks is a poor excuse for a Brazilian women as real Brazilian women are far more attractive. I’m tired of seeing these white chicks get advertised as Brazilians when they are not. Giselle is ugly as shit too.

    • WHAT ARE YOU SAYING??? You eat shit????????? Here in Brasil we have a massive variation of beauty,(black, brown, white, tall, short…) that’s why they are the best. *–* Furthermore, they are smart and charming. Is awesome to live in a country with these angels. *–* (Sorry my poor english)

      • The majority percentage of Brazilians are of African or mixed race. And not forgetting the Original Brazilians who are of Amazonian Indians.
        White Brazlians are in a minority, so the majority of Brazilian 20 hottest Models should be non white.
        But, the white minority RACIST Public Relation Media, kicks in, a puts all white Models instead.

    • Excuse the question, but have you already come to Brazil to see it? ‘Cause I guess That You are a little bit wrong, different from another countries, here we have a really big diversification of skin color, we are not all white or all black, if you travell to the south of our country you may probably find girls with blonde hair, green / blue eyes and white, cause this part was colonized by Germans, Italians and other European folks (and this is where Gisele Bundchen comes from). But if you go to the northeast, you will found women with predominantly black / brown hair, brown eyes, and in a few states the black skin color will predominate (like Bahia, that is the state with the highest concentration of Afro-descendants outside of African continent) but We also have Pernambuco, who was Also colonized by Dutchmen and Ceara by the Spanish (and as you can see, They have different physical characteristics). In the north is where the highest concentration of natives (Indians) are Placed (And They have the same caracteristics of all Native American Indians, black and straight hair, caramel skin, black and brown eyes. In southeast That Is ours economic center, is more harder to define, ’cause we have a lot of emigrants and imigrants there. Including myself as a example, I live in the northeast (Pernambuco) and I’m white with brown hair and eyes, and I am descendent of Italians, Portuguese and slaves who came from Africa. Summarizing all, it’s really hard to define us, we descended from the multiple people of diferent culture and caracteristics, and That Is exactly why we are so especial, and of course the most beautiful women in the world !

    • There are Brazilians who came from Portugal, Germany and there are Brazilians who came from Africa. If the descendants of Germans or Italians are not Brazilian, then those who came from Africa are not also Brazilian. True Brazilians are the Indians, but there is a very small number of them because of colonization. Então, não seja recalcada… Negros e brancos tem sua beleza.

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  3. Photographer from London seeking Brazilian Females for Glamour/Erotic Modeling.
    Must be living in London, UK.
    Reply to: retidees at hotmail dot com.

  4. I think Brazil women are the most beautiful and sexiest in the world and yes…they are of different color, shape and size and that is what that makes them a cut above the rest. No offence to the rest of the women from other countries. You’re all just as beautiful. Just that for me personally Brazil girls are my favourite preference… :-)

  5. I really love Brazilian ladies because they are extremely beautiful. please I need to be connected to one for a serious relationship

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