The 5 Hottest Videos of April Rose

April Rose

If you haven’t seen her (yet) in Grown Ups 2 (she’s the sexy ballet teacher – of course), then take advantage of your resources and search for April Rose on this great invention you may have heard of (called the internet?). Not only does April Rose star on MTV2’s “Guy Code,” she hosts a weekly online program on called “MAXIMUM EXPOSURE.” Get started on those – or just sit back, relax and watch how April Rose went from budding Maxim Hometown Hottie to Maxim’s greatest phenomenon (at least we think so). See, we did the dirty work for you…

1. First Maxim Shoot – Hometown Hotties (2008)

How can we forget when April Rose first came into our lives – or our heads, anyway? Here, Maxim introduces April as their 2008 Hometown Hotties winner. Fortunately for us, she’s not shy about exhibiting her assets from every angle…

2. Cover Shoot for Maxim Canada (2011)

In the inaugural issue for the now-extinct Maxim Canada, April Rose graces the cover and a spread. Hint: a magazine spread isn’t the only thing she spreads on…

3. Best. Maximum. Exposure. Ever. (2012)

Here, April leads into her room and makes herself at home. No complaints as to how her most redundant means of serenity is massaging herself – in slow-motion…

4. IGN Babeology Shoot (2012)

If you’re in the mood for this tamer April wearing a tee (and undies), then take a gander at this vid. She may leave more to the imagination this time, but this brunette Rose blooms on her own naturally.

5. Maxim’s Salute to the Military (2011)

April makes our country proud by squirting water dressed in camouflage hues, a bikini – and not much else.

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