The 5 Hottest Videos of Brooklyn Decker

brooklyn decker

From Victoria’s Secret to Sports Illustrated, this buxom blonde has dipped her toes into everything from modelling to acting – and isn’t stopping anytime soon. Here are 5 reasons why we love Brooklyn Decker:

1. Sports Illustrated Shoot (2009)

Here, Brooklyn attempts to cover bare skin with bodypaint – and her hands. Let the clothes fall where they may…

2. GQ Magazine (2012)

Brooklyn is BURNING hot in this infamous shoot for GQ. Clearly, she was working out. Can you take the heat?

3. Esquire Shoot (2012)

For Esquire, Brooklyn will take their dirty laundry and – clean it (What did you think I was gonna say?) In the process, she removes some clothes of her own. Laundry has never looked this appealing…

4. Another GQ Shoot (2013)

A busty Brooklyn goes topless in this…artistically tasteful feature for GQ. Come on now, we gotta appreciate art…

5. Sports Illustrated Shoot (2011)

In this edition of Sports Illustrated, we see more of Brooklyn rolling around in the sand and water. I mean, doing that on a beach is like a prerequisite or something. Just looking out for her best interests…

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