The 5 Hottest Videos of Ashley Sky

We’re not entirely sure why Ashley Sky is famous, but we’re pretty sure it has something to do with her absurd level of hotness, which has garnered her massive followings on Instagram and Twitter. If you prefer video proof of her sex appeal, see exhibits one through five below.

5. Ashley Sky in Sexy Mutated Nation Commercial (2012)

What’s this a commercial for? Who cares?

4. Ashley Sky Strips Into Bikini for Maxim (2013)

She also pours water all over herself and humps a rock. Why would you ever miss that?

3. Ashley Sky in Living Color for Photo Shoot (2012)

Here, Ashley slips into attire a bit more colorful — and a bit less provocative (sorry, boys!) But, she’s still sexy nevertheless.

Chair it. Cher it. Share it.

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2. Ashley in a Swimsuit (2012)

Ashley breaks conventions and proves you can wear white after Labor Day — especially if you look this good in a bikini.

1. Ashley Sky Wears Very Little of the Flag in Fourth of July Shoot (2012)

Ashley celebrates the Fourth by dancing in an itsy-bitsy patriotic bikini for over two minutes straight. God bless America.

The 20 Hottest Photos of Ashley Sky

Few models have made picking out only 20 photos as difficult as the beautiful Ashley Sky. Now get to clicking!

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