The 5 Hottest Videos of Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes may have left the small screen with the rest of 90210, but she’ll always stay in a special spot of our hearts. She touches our hearts (yes, hearts) with her 5 hottest vids…

5. 90210 Love Scene: Adrianna & Navid (2011)

Watch Jessica Lowndes in action, while she taps into her role as wild college girl Adrianna.

4. Fall in Love with Jessica Lowndes: Ironik ft Jessica Lowndes – Falling In Love (Official Music Video)

If her striking beauty and acting chops weren’t enough to convince you Jessica’s a triple threat, then play this video of her collaborating with Ironik and hear how angelic her voice is. Who would ever fake-cheat on Jessica?

3. Jessica Swimming In Her Bikini for FHM Shoot (2011)

Jessica tries her hand at wet glamour for one of the world’s most renown lad publications.

2. Jessica Hanging Out At Your Place: Toro Magazine Shoot (2013)

Just this year, Jessica went back to her Canadian roots and shot with Toronto website Toro. Here, she let her hair down and made herself at home.

1. Jessica Dances For Us: Her “I Wish I Was Gay” Video (2011)

Here, Jessica stars in her own video and experiments with both sexes. Well actually, she performs a striptease at a cabaret and gives a lapdance to some guy before she puts shaving cream on his legs? Surely, he enjoyed every minute of it…

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