The 5 Hottest Videos of Nikki Leigh

Nikki Leighis a Playboy model who sure tickles our funny bone…

5. Nikki Leigh is Playboy’s Miss May 2012 (2012)

This shoot proves that Nikki likes to explore the outdoors wearing no bra in unbuttoned tops. ‘Nuff said.

4. Nikki Leigh Is Our “Dream Date” (2013)

While nonchalantly gyrating against a wall outside wearing nothing but a bra and shorts may seem inviting, Nikki also adds to that by lying indoors dressed in knee highs and a bodysuit, making it sound (and look) all the more sexy.

3. 2013 SBT Calendar Shoot with Nikki Leigh (2012)

Alternating between black and white, Nikki engages with her angelic and devilish personalities. So good to be bad, and even the good’s a bit naughty too…

2. Behind The Scenes With Nikki Leigh on Playboy TV (2012)

Translation: Nikki Leigh gets comfortable running in a field with lingerie and drinking in front of you. She’s breaking all the rules, and it’s totally sexy.

1. Sexy Bake Sale Prank with Nikki Leigh (2013)

Nikki showcases her comedic edge with a series called “Hot Girls Get Away with Sh*t!” While Nikki was dressed conservatively when she distributed baked goods, she still managed to distract the male customers with her allure. Just goes to show that you shouldn’t always trust a pretty face…

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