The 5 Hottest Videos of Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny Amanda Cerny may have been Miss October 2011, but she stuns us in video form – Playboy or no Playboy.

5. Amanda Cerny Gives Playboy An “Adrenaline Rush” (2011)

Playboy introduces you to Miss October 2011 (that’s Amanda!) with skydiving, rollerblading and partying experiences all wrapped up into one video! Did we mention she also wears a bikini? Adrenaline rush indeed…

4. Amanda Works It For Esquire (2013)

Amanda Cerny’s all about the activity! Showing Esquire her spontaneous side, Amanda runs in slow motion, executes flattering yoga poses and scrolls over her iPad – in her underwear.

3. Amanda Cerny Becomes An Easter Playboy Bunny (2013)

Nope, that chocolate bunny isn’t for you! But, Amanda Cerny’s more than willing to unwrap herself as your Easter gift…

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2. Amanda Cerny In Nothing But A Jersey (2012)

Amanda flaunts her athleticism in a jersey and holds a soccer ball. Yes, a soccer ball…

1. Amanda Cerny GoGos As a GoGo Girl in J.Valentine Clubwear Shott (2012)

Rated “R” (for “Rainbowlicious”), Amanda poses in clubwear: gogo dancer style! Cheesy clubwear has never looked so uncheesy…

The 20 Hottest Photos of Amanda Cerny

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