The 5 Hottest Videos of Rosa Acosta

Rosa Acosta Since Rosa Acosta has appeared in videos for everyone from Drake to Snoop Dogg, she clearly knows a thing or two about modelling for video. Watch the series of occurences below!

5. Rosa Acosta Likes It Hot in 2011 Calendar Shoot (2010)

Your mouth will water at the sight of Rosa munching on watermelon, soaking in the water, and riding a bike – in a bikini, nonetheless. But since it’s a calendar shoot, there’s even more to drool over.

4. Rosa At Your Place – JM Magazine Shoot (2010)

Rosa explores an estate and another masterpiece that’s even more aesthetically appealing: her body.

3. Rosa Acosta Models for Us – DynastySeries TV Shoot (2009)

DynastySeries is notorious for featuring gorgeous spreads of hip hop models from all over. Here, Rosa poses for us and proves the obvious: that she deserves her place as a serial video vixen.

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2. Rosa Acosta is Your Lady in Red For Her Valentine’s Day Photoshoot (2010)

Anyone would be Rosa’s Valentine! Here, Rosa oils herself up in a red two-piece – you know, with baby oil or maybe even massage oil? Whichever one works. Her efforts to seduce render successful. After all, it’s for the most romantic day of the year…

1. Rosa Acosta Takes A Ride On Your Ride – for Ground Pounders Magazine (2011)

Whether she’s decked out in a little bikini or all leopard skin, Rosa provides even more dangerous curves for the road…

The 20 Hottest Photos of Rosa Acosta

Whether she's in a Drake or Chris Brown video, Rosa Acosta knows how to knock 'em dead!

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