The 20 Hottest Photos of Brie Bella

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  1. Brie bella iești cea maitare divă din wrestling nimeni nu ie ca tine te respect brie (cu drag fanul tău nr.1)

  2. Im from new orleans la. I live in dallas tx. actually carrollton tx. you look real familiar have you been in my hiouse with me did I ever come to your apt. hang with you sleep by your house ? Did u ever eat my chicken that i personally cooked for u at my house do u remember my shirts on my head u ever remember picking me up from work or picking me up to hang out with you. Do you know i been in prison missing you seeing u wrestle in ish why u would wrestle id box. everytime while the tv was on i never missed a show. i rooted for you and yours. well if you do remember me i remember u and i miss you friend sorry you married wish i coulda hung wuth you more. its cool youll see me sooner than you know. tootles love . love Lloyd davis from new orleans.