The 20 Hottest Photos of Dutch Girls 2014

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  1. Rihanna? Really? That’s just lame. All you had to do was find photos of 20 attractive Dutch women. Having failed, you resorted to padding the group with one of Rihanna? Pathetic! Have some integrity. If you can’t find 20 (which is just sad), then make it 19 or whatever number is required to keep the list legitimate. Hell, even Laura Vandervoort would have been a FAR better choice than Rihanna. Although Canadian by birth, it is a pretty safe bet that with a name like that, there is some Dutch somewhere in her genealogy.

    • Ha I agree, though I personally find Rihanna to be a good looking lady most of the time, she doesn’t match the list criteria they set themselves. The should have just called it 20 women, dutch and those who support “soccer team here”


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