Fire Knife Dance

Polynesian dancers perform a traditional Samoan ceremonial dance. The speed with which the dancers perform is incredible, none of this film was sped up.

The 20 Hottest Photos of Kaley Cuoco

Sure it’s an animated kid’s movie about Easter, but this weekend’s ‘Hop’ has Kaley Cuoco in it, and that makes it the sexiest movie of the month so far. Need more convincing? Check out this gallery.

The Machete Slingshot

I thought the slingshot I had as a kid did some pretty gnarly damage with rocks, but it fails in comparison to this bad boy. I’d like to order two, please.

Christine Teigen Photo Gallery

Christine Teigen is a 25 year old American model of Thai-Norwegian heritage. She was IGN Babe in 2004 and made her rookie debut in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2010. Don’t miss her sexy photo gallery.

Girls And Ferraris

Both are objects of beauty, both are ogled, admired and both get damn expensive. Here, we celebrate two of man’s greatest obsessions: beautiful women and high powered Ferrari’s.

The 20 Hottest Girls with Guns

Say what you will about our Constitutionally protected love of firepower, but it’s hard to beat a hot girl holding a gun. It wakes you up like a strong cup of coffee or a slap to the face. I feel alive dammit! Check out the 20 Hottest Girls with Guns.

25 Babes On Ice

It may be cold outside, but it’s warm in here. Don’t miss these 25 smokin’ babes melting the ice.

Jasmine Waltz Photo Gallery

A hot photo shoot on the beach in December doesn’t seem like a great idea, until you get a load of Jasmine Waltz. She suffers for her art and I would like to thank her.

Top Katy Perry Animated GIFs

GIF animations are pure genius when executed properly. Crude, frame-by-frame animation showing the modern world. The top 10 sexy Katy Perry animated GIFs do not disappoint.