Ted Williams: Still In The Game

Ted Williams

Ted Williams was once the best hitter in baseball. He had a swing as pure as a winter snowfall, as beautiful as the sun reflecting majestically off the water.I remember listening to the radio with my father just after the great war, hearing about Teddy “Ballgame” and his triumphant pursuit of a .400 batting average. It was then and there that I said to myself “I hope this man is cryogenically frozen when he dies. So once again some jackass can be called forth when baseball needs him most.To hit a ball and act sullen with the press. The world needs a man like Ted Williams.”

Luckily, his crazed son, John Henry Williams was able to make this dream a reality. And now, we wait. Unfortunately, some naysayers in the press are making a big deal out of how Alcor Life Extension Foundation is treating Williams during his repose. Yes, a technician appears to have pulled his frozen head out of storage and used it a baseball, taking whacks at the great man’s noggin with a monkey wrench. But really, isn’t that the way he would have wanted it? Seven years after his death, and Teddy is still in the game.

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