Alexander Grimes
Orangutan in Poland Addicted to Jane Austen

Albert can go through 50 pages a night of “Pride and Prejudice” before turning in – the only thing that helps him calm down before sleep.

Gabriel Aubry Charging Olivier Martinez for Beatdown

Real Transformer RC Car Available for Christmas

Top 5 Strangest Things for $5

Obama as Jesus to Go on Display in Boston

Women Sue for Right to Fight

Four female soldiers are suing for the right to be officially allowed into combat units in the military.

Melissa Rycroft: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Strippers, Gators and Drugs: Strange Shooting in Washington

Kim Jong-un ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Spoof Published in China

Tolkien Family Sues WB Over Hobbit Trilogy Merchandising

Petraeus’ Mistress Paula Broadwell Machine Gun Spokeswoman

Paula Broadwell, reported mistress of ex-CIA head Petraeus, has been discovered on a weapons company ad promoting new machine guns.

Microsoft Building Data Center Literally ‘On Crap’

Swedish Woman Arrested for Sex with Skeletons

Gun Store Owner Shoots Customer in Back

When Muppets Attack: Strange Creature Found in Namibia

Star Wars Episodes 7 Through 9 On the Way

‘Machete Kills’ May Get Axed

Hostess Talks Break Down – Bye Bye Twinkies After All?

Study Shows Strong Teens Live Longer

770 Pounds of Drugs Smuggled in Steamroller

Australian police made a major bust on Wednesday when they found nearly a quarter million dollars worth of drugs stashed away in a steamroller.

Woman Dies After Being Denied Abortion

‘Fat Blocking’ Pepsi Hits Stores in Japan

Uganda ‘Kill The Gays Bill’ Set for December

BBC: Alien Broadcast Blocked Due to Swear Risk

Papa Johns Sued for $250 Million Over Texts

Angry customers are lashing out against the chain after receiving an “extra topping” of 15 or 16 texts a day

Justin Bieber Ticketed While Joyriding, Sends Instagram During Stop

New Law May Require License to Smoke

Petraeus and Allen: Keeping Americans Distracted

Michigan: Dead Man Legally Voted

First Openly Gay Senator Elected

Tammy Baldwin, a Democratic Representative of Wisconsin, won a Senate seat Tuesday to become the first openly gay senator in US history.