Alexander Grimes
Man Arrested After Flashing Breast Implants

Customers at a Wal-Mart in Pennsylvania weren’t delighted when pumpkins weren’t the only melons they were seeing.

Spark it Up — Pot Now Legal in Colorado, Washington

Election 2012 Presidential Results: Electoral & Popular Vote Counts

Brazilian Man Interrupts Own Funeral

Talk About Hot – Painted Nude Models Form Motorbikes

UN Says ‘Death Penalty is Torture’

A special reporter for the UN called for the universal abolition of the death penalty today, saying it amounts to torture.

‘Pro-Life’ Protester Stabs Man in Oregon

Colorado’s ‘Frozen Dead Guy’ Gets New Supplier

Theater Accidentally Shows ‘Paranormal Activity 4′ to Kids

Mourdock: ‘Pregnancy from Rape is God’s Will’

Watch Now: Hobbit First TV Spot

Watch the first TV spot for the highly anticipated movie “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” here!

Rat Brains on Microchips to Help Cure Disease

One Tough Tablet: Microsoft Surface Used as Skateboard

Citizen Astronauts Discover First Planet With Four Stars

Woman Finally Jailed After 106 Offenses

Buy Her a Diamond, Get a Free Gun!

Police Return Stolen Marijuana

Bringing Production to the US: Top Facts You Need to Know

Binders Full of Women: Romney’s Latest Meme

Naked Caveman Harasses Hikers in Texas

Hikers in the mountains of El Paso were reportedly run off by a naked man living among the rubble.

Amnesia After Hanging: Teen Caught in Noose Doesn’t Remember

Forget Uninhabited Islands: China Sets Its Eyes On Okinawa

Woman Dead After ‘Beauty Treatment’

Beer With Balls: Bull Testicals On Tap in Colorado

Pussy Riot Granted Appeals Hearing

The Russian punk rock band is seeking an appeal for their sentencing passed earlier this year due to their “performance” in a traditional Orthodox cathedral

Man Arrested After Fighting With Stop Sign

Fake Airbags Threaten Drivers

The Plague Returns? Squirrel Tests Positive in California

Stan Lee Media Inc Sues Disney for Superhero Rights

Entire Italian City Government Fired for Ties to Mob

The city of Reggio Calabria on Italy’s southern coast is the first major city to face such action to date.