Simon Assaad
New On Netflix: I Melt With You

Jeremy Piven, Rob Lowe, Thomas Jane and Christian McKay party their way into self-destruction in Mark Pellington’s impressively dark melodrama.

Goon Movie Review

Seann William Scott delivers his most likable performance to date as a violence-prone hockey player in director Michael Dowse’s gloriously profane sports comedy.

New On Netflix: Metropolitan

Whit Stillman’s enjoyable comedy of manners follows high society’s college freshman as they make the rounds of various Manhattan debutante balls over Christmas break.

Best Of Netflix: Blaxploitation Classics

You’re not likely to find a more sweet and badasssss collection of films anywhere else. Get reacquainted with an all but long-lost genre on Netflix — damn right!

New On Netflix: Bad Lieutenant

Bad boy filmmaker Abel Ferrara lays on the Catholic guilt in this gritty NC-17 New York fable featuring a career-best performance by Harvey Keitel.

John Carter Review

Disney’s entertaining adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ century-old novel stops at about 6.5 on the crazy scale when it should’ve gone way past 11.