The Carolina Panthers beat the Buffalo Bills 25-24 with a minute to go after trailing behind the entire game.

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The Buffalo Bills face off against the Carolina Panthers at 7:00 PM Eastern to kick off their preseasons. Here’s where to catch all of the action.

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Golf shoes are the only pieces of equipment used on every single shot during a round of golf and it is essential to find the right pair for you.

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New York Jets defensive end Sheldon Richardson has found himself in deep trouble after getting arrested for speeding, child endangerment, drugs and resisting arrest.

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Looking to improve your golf game? Your tee shot is what gets your round into a good or bad groove, so it is imperative to have a driver that fits your game.

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The Miami Dolphins have a newfound confidence with gains on both defense and offense and are looking to piece together the puzzle at training camp this year.

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Samantha Steele Ponder isn’t just Christian Ponder’s wife, but a successful sideline reporter for ESPN, formerly known as Erin Andrews’ replacement.

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When ESPN fired Bill Simmons, he signed a $5 million contract two months later with HBO. Needless to say, the multimillionaire will be okay despite the split.

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The Buffalo Bills have a whole new look this season and we can get the first glimpse of it during Buffalo Bills Training Camp 2015.

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Since Shelton and Lambert suddenly divorced, rumors that Lambert and country singer, Chris Young, have been circulating and denied publicly by Young.

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German beauty and former collegiate golfer, Katharina Boehm, has been seen by Sergio Garcia’s side since 2013.

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Sergio Garcia and his German girlfriend, Katharina Boehm, probably have the lowest scoring average of any couple on the PGA tour.

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The tipped their hats to legendary 8-time Major winner, Tom Watson at the announcement of his retirement from pro golf.

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Sandra Barnett is the deceased wife of ex-NFL player, Buster Barnett. Sandra was the victim of a murder-suicide by her husband’s mistress, Lisa Brown.

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Anna Cladakis met John Daly at a Hooters and now she is about to be his fifth wife.

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