Isaac Weeks
The Mechanic Movie Review

I usually wait until the final paragraph before finally telling you whether the film I am reviewing is actually good or not. It’s pretty much the number one trick of the trade. This time, however, I can’t hold it back.

What Movie Should I Watch This Weekend?

This week you have some decent choices: a medieval stoner comedy, a remake of an 80’s classic (for better or worse), and a teenage assassin on the wrong side of the CIA. Not bad.

What Movie Should I Watch This Weekend?

You have an alien flick that will be playing to the Biebermaniacs, an action film that is hoping you didn’t wait a week to see Sandler’s latest flick, and a small thriller that is the best sounding movie released this week. Here we go.

What Movie Should I Watch This Weekend?

Enough people needed a horror fix this past weekend to make The Rite the #1 movie at the box office despite universal bad reviews. This week we have two major releases, but between you and me, one of them appears to be in the process of being quietly buried.

The Green Hornet Movie Review

The Green Hornet has finally made its way onto the big screen after two decades of development hell and I have to admit, it was worth the wait. Starring Seth Rogen as Britt Reid/the Hornet, the film works as a parody of superhero films