Dean Blandino NFL head officiating partying Los Angeles Stephen Jones

Dean Blandino, the NFL’s head of officiating, has been heavily criticized by league executives and clubs after a video surfaced of him getting off a Dallas Cowboys party bus and walking into a Los Angeles nightclub with Stephen Jones, Dallas-owner Jerry Jones’ son.

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Taylor Woolrich Dartmouth College student drop out can't carry gun stalker

Taylor Woolrich, a student at New Hampshire’s prestigious Dartmouth College, may drop out of the school because of their anti-gun policy. Woolrich has been stalked by a man in San Diego since she was in high school.

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ALS Lou Gehrig's disease Pete Julie Frates Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge, started by Massachusetts resident and ALS patient Pete Frates, has brought Lou Gehrig’s Disease into the national consciousness as the campaign has gone viral. Read more on the disease here.

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Miguel Pajares spanish priest ebola

Miguel Pajares, a Spanish priest who contracted ebola while doing missionary work in Liberia, returned to Spain Thursday to receive treatment.

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Jennifer Huston missing oregon mother dead

Jennifer Huston, an Oregon mother who had been missing for nearly two weeks, was found dead near her SUV Tuesday morning. She was only 38.

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Reginald Dia Harris Charlotte cop arrested sex crimes children

A Charlotte cop and his wife have been arrested and face a series of sex crimes after investigators discovered Reginald Harris had assaulted a minor multiple times from 1999 to 2002.

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ZMapp experimental ebola drug tobacco leaves

An experimental drug Ebola called ZMapp may help American missionaries Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol combat the deadly disease. Made from tobacco leaves, it’s their only hope.

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Frank Hoover Jerry Jones Groping Photos extortion

A Dallas man released several scandalous photos of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones groping and posing with various women as part of an extortion plot. Frank Hoover claims he is also the son of God.

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Two star American general killed afghanistan

A two-star U.S. Army major general was shot and killed at close range by an Afghan soldier Tuesday. The general is the highest-ranking Army official to be killed in the war in Afghanistan.

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