Call Of The Dead Game Trailer

On May 3rd, the 2nd Call of Duty map pack, is available to play as the zombie killing team of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Michael Rooker, and Danny Trejo. Zombie killing never looked so fun!

Amazing Ants In Action

I don’t want to say that ants are better at teamwork than people, but it looks like they probably are. In this amazing video, these ants bond together to form a living raft to avoid drowning. Step it up, humans.

The AA-12 Fully Automatic Shotgun

Somehow this guy got his hands on a fully automatic shotgun and shows us just how impressive this weapon is. Waterproof and hardly any recoil, as he points out, “so easy even a child could use it.” Hooray!

National College Comedy Competition

Check out the videos of these funny students and vote for your favorite, as they battle it out in the Rooftop Comedy/ TBS National College Comedy Competition.

Fight Day and a Movie: The Mechanic

Fight Day’s Dave Farra sits down with Randy Couture to talk about Jason Statham’s new movie The Mechanic, and what it was like working with the action star.

Share A Hummr With Your Friends

Letting the world know how you feel with only a 140 characters can be tricky. That’s why there’s now Hummr, the latest social networking app where you can let friends know how you really feel by giving them a Hummr.

Conan’s Watching The Wrong Thor

Conan’s a little concerned about the casting choice for the new ‘Thor’ movie coming out this Summer, and after watching the trailer, we understand his concern.

Chester Nelly Makes The Finest Beer Around

A classic that deserves to be seen again. Chester Nelly wants you to know that if you drink his beer a lot of bad things will happen to you… or good things? I guess it just depends how you look at it.