Mario’s Really Gotta Go

You’d think with all of those pipes running through the Mushroom Kingdom that Mario wouldn’t have trouble finding the john.

Daisy Lowe Shakin’ Her Money Maker

I’m on a bit of a Daisy Lowe kick lately, which means you can expect a gallery in the weeks to come. But for starters, check out the UK model shaking what her mama gave her in this rockin’ photo shoot.

10 Best Nyan Cat Spoofs

Few things on YouTube are more annoying and more likely to induce insanity than the Nyan Cat. Here are the 10 “best” Nyan Cat spoofs. If you make it through all 10, seek immediate help.

Bill O’Reilly Flip Out Remix

This video was nominated for a Webby Award back in ’08 for best viral video, and it’s still pretty catchy three years later. Put on those dancing shoes, O’Reilly is droppin’ beats.

Angry Bird Hunt

Even though this fusion of Duck Hunt and Angry birds is just a parody, it seems like it could easily be a real game on the horizon. Hmm, a classic ruined or a classic upgraded?

Backyard Wars

I can only wish the backyard army battles I waged as a kid were as epic as this.

Star Wars A Cappella

From the voices, to the music, all the way down to the sound effects, Matt Mulhollad uses nothing but his voice to recreate a scene from Star Wars: Episode 1.