Super Friends Meets Friends

I love a good mash-up and combining the animated classic ‘Super Friends’ with the sitcom ‘Friends’ works on a couple of levels. And call me crazy, but Courtney Cox is a dead ringer for Wonder Woman.

Wonderful Birthday

While some birthdays are definitely better than others, some you should just try to forget all together and hope legal action isn’t taken against you.

The Jimmy Show: Dwarf Tossing

Dwarf tossing has been outlawed since 1989, but that’s not stopping David Flood. A little dude with a big cause, Dave is a dwarf who’s fighting for his right to be tossed.

Godzilla: Energy Beast

A meteor strikes the Earth, bringing with it a giant electricity-eating monster. When the creature threatens to drain Sundance Mesa dam of its energy, Godzilla swims to the rescue.

Pac-Man Run

I’m digging this real life Pac-Man, complete with fruit, ghosts and a much needed soundtrack update.

“I Wanna Be A Kardashian”

Weird Al did a good job lampooning Lady Gaga, but I think I’m leaning toward this dude’s parody of just how ridiculous the Kardashian sisters really are. The girls had it coming.

Grandma’s English Lessons

This young man took on the noble task of teaching his grandmother English. What he didn’t tell her, was that he was going to teach her curse words.

Douchebag Assassin

The douchebag assassin works to rid the world of spray tanned, Ed Hardy clad, pompous, douchebags. So ask yourself, are you next?