Viral Marketing Jumps The Shark

Using a viral video to market a product can be incredibly successful, but it’s difficult to predict what will generate big hits (boobs normally help). I think it’s finally gotten out of hand with this ridiculously entertaining video promoting oral hygiene, featuring zombies of all things.

And You Thought Your Job Sucked

So maybe Marge in accounting ate your sandwich out of the fridge last week. On the positive side, your job probably doesn’t include cleaning out a cobra pit. All of a sudden that morning sales meeting doesn’t seem so bad, huh?

Taste The Flavor Of The Dark Side

After watching this video I can only think, how in the world has no ice cream company ever come out with a light saber popsicle? Seriously, awesome idea.

How Halo Reach Should Have Ended

Fighting off superior alien forces isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. This is probably a more realistic (and definitely funnier) version of how Halo might have gone down.

Epic Troll Time

It’s obvious we love the Epic Meal Time vids, but we also can’t resist a well done spoof. The trolls have taken over the kitchen, and what goes into an epic troll meal you might ask? How about bacon covered baby seals for starters!


How does the Coors Light Vented Cold Case work? Probably not at all how this guy expected.


Coors Light Vented Cold Case is a good reason to get excited, but try to keep it within reason.


Need tunes in the great outdoors? Better get a mantenna.